An innovative life strategy based on the concept that small adjustments can have big, positive impacts on your life.

Tweak Advantage Key Principles


Accept & Empower

Search & Discover

Embrace & Adapt

Adjust & Impact

Identify & Enhance

Accept that we are all responsible for our own actions, interactions, and reactions. Empower yourself to take control of your life and choices.

Search for answers within your resourceful self. Discover your inner strength and wisdom.

Embrace change, challenges and obstacles as opportunities. Adapt to what life brings with resilience and confidence.

Adjust daily habits and experience widespread change. Impact yourself and others through the rippling effects of positive transformation.

Identify what makes you unique. Enhance your life by using your interests, skills and talents to achieve your goals.

Why Tweak Advantage?

The Tweak Advantage life strategy originated from years of professional experience working with hundreds of students, parents and teachers as a counselor and coach, personal experience, research, life coaching concepts and counseling theories.

Often you do not have to completely change your whole life, rather you can make simple intentional adjustments that matter to achieve the outcomes you want. Tweaks are defined as “adjustments, shifts, modifications, and improvements.”

The Tweak Advantage can be applied to all areas of your life to achieve balance and happiness.

Tweak Advantage Growth Process

Reflect on where you are currently and identify challenges. Discover your path forward.

Take action by making intentional adjustments geared toward your desired outcomes.

Focus on results and celebrate your progress. Continue to identify areas for growth.

Tweak Advantage Programs

A variety of programs are available based on the life strategy concepts and innovative approach of the Tweak Advantage. See how the power of the Tweak Advantage can benefit you.