The adolescent years are magical, foundational years when given the right support and encouragement teens can thrive and learn to take responsibility for their choices and control of their future.

Working with parents of tweens and teens, I collaborate with you to identify new strategies and tools to help improve relationships with your children as they enter and navigate the teen years.

You will learn and practice small changes in your communication and interaction with your teens that will improve your relationship and bring more enjoyment, respect and understanding to your family.

Parent Coaching programs are anchored in the philosophy of the Tweak Advantage, which is the concept that small intentional adjustments and changes can have positive impacts on your life and future.


Family Tweaks

A coaching program based on the Tweak Advantage life strategy of reflecting on your current family relationships, identifying desired outcomes, implementing small intentional adjustments leading to impactful results. This program is beneficial for parents of early middle schoolers as they prepare for the changes of middle school and shift their parenting roles. It is also a great option for parents of teens who would like to make small positive changes in their relationship without committing to a 10-week coaching program.


  • 4 Individual 60 minute sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Workbook

Flourishing Families

A program where we explore current parenting approaches and strategies, possibilities, and set plans of actions to reach your desired outcomes. My innovative approach was designed from a blend of my experience and education in psychology, school counseling, and life coaching foundations and tools. The program starts with a deliberate framework and is adapted to meet your unique needs and family.


  • 10 Individual 60 minute sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Workbook

Quick Family Tweaks

The coaching model is not a quick fix approach rather a solution-focused action, outcome based approach that takes time and practice. The programs are designed to take clients through a specific process to achieve their desired outcomes. Individual coaching sessions are not recommended however; they can be effective in some situations. Please contact me directly to discuss if an individual session is the right choice for you.


  • 60 minute session


Complimentary Discovery Session

The complimentary session is for those who would like to explore the concepts and ideas of parent and family coaching and how they could benefit your family before making a financial and personal investment.

 Inspiring your Teen to Thrive Workshop

Innovative approach to navigating the teen years. Discover who your teen is, parenting styles, and what teens need from us during adolescence. Learn to create a relationship with your teen that is mutually respectful and inspire them to explore and thrive. Help empower them to approach life with confidence, independence and responsibility.


  • Either 4 90 minute sessions or a ½ day workshop
  • Workbook

Group Parent Coaching

I offer small group coaching for parents, which can be designed to meet your group’s unique needs.

Please contact me for options and cost. Cost per person will depend on group size and location. Group coaching is similar to workshops but allow for more discussion and can be created for a group of individuals you choose to invite.


I am available for presentations to parent groups including schools, churches or community organizations. I offer a variety of paid and complimentary speaking services. Please contact me at to discuss specific speaking opportunities.