Students thrive when they feel connected and supported by their teachers and school. With my passion and background in education, I identify ways to apply the benefits of teen, parent, family and life coaching tools to the classroom and school.

Services and programs for teachers and counselors are anchored in the philosophy of the Tweak Advantage, which is the concept that small intentional adjustments and changes can have positive impacts on your life and future.


Tweak Advantage for Teachers

Individual or group coaching programs designed to help teachers become the teacher they envision and achieve their desired outcomes while creating a more positive classroom culture of respect and support.


  • 6 Individual 60 minute sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Workbook


Thriving Classrooms

Individual coaching designed to help teachers connect with students while inspiring them to embrace learning and opportunities for their future with a growth mindset.


  • 3 Individual 60 minute sessions
  • Support between sessions
  • Workbook

Quick Tweaks for Teachers

The coaching model is not a quick fix approach rather a solution-focused action-outcome based approach that take time and practice. The programs are designed to take clients through a specific process to achieve their desired outcomes. Individual coaching sessions are not recommended however; they can be effective in some situations. Please contact me directly to discuss if an individual session is the right choice for you.


  • 60-minute session

Complimentary Discovery Session

The complimentary session is for those who would like to explore how we can work together to benefit you, your school or classroom before making a financial and personal investment.

Group Teacher Coaching

I offer small group coaching for teachers through 3-session programs, which can be designed to meet your group’s unique needs.

Please contact me for options and cost. Cost per person will depend on group size and location. Group coaching is similar to workshops but allow for more discussion and can be created for a group of individuals you choose to invite.

Workshops for Teachers and Counselors

  • Teaching Tweaks: Teacher workshop focused on creating a more respectful relationship with your students.
  • School Counseling Tweaks: Using life-coaching skills in schools to help students benefit from short sessions with counselors. Focused on common student issues addressed by school counselors such as social and academic concerns.

Trainings for School Counselors

  • Train the Trainer for School Counselors to present “Inspiring your Teen to Thrive” workshops for parents.
  • Train the trainer for School Counselors to present “Thriving Classrooms” workshops for teachers.


I am available for presentations for teacher and school counselor groups. I offer a variety of paid and complimentary speaking services. Please contact me at to discuss specific speaking opportunities.